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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Muscle Building Tips Bodybuilders Need

If you are a bodybuilder , even just someone who wants to get in really good shape to better health, attract the opposite sex, or feel better about yourself, then listen up . Here are some great tips to consider about your diet . Many people think the food is not as important as the training you're doing, but most experts will tell you it is equally as important .

 Diet for a bodybuilder is a little bit different because it is not only important that you know what you eat , you should also know how much and when to eat it as well. The three main square a day without cut if you are trying to get ripped , after all . If you plan to lose some extra fat first , or only a little thin and you want to pack on some muscle , it is important to eat at least 5-6 times a day . It does not make sense to many people , but are critical to a bodybuilder .

Eating this much food keeps your metabolism high, which helps burn fat faster. Of course you do not want to eat large quantities for each meal , for most people that is not possible if the plan is to eat 5-6 meals per day . Spread eating about every 4-5 What is the main food that a bodybuilder should stay ? Breakdown should be something like this : should expect the fat source of protein , 40 % of your meals : Healthy low glycemic index carbohydrates in another 40 % , and about 20 % of your diet . Of course when I say I really mean fat as much as possible vegetable fats , not saturated fat from meat which is not as healthy. The fat in peanut butter , for example , is much healthier than digested from a couple of pork chops .

 So what kind of protein is the best? Many new bodybuilders will ask this question , and the answer is ( drum roll please ! ) White eggs , cottage cheese , chicken and other lean meats , and if necessary some protein shakes per day . It is necessary to get about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, so if you weigh 200 pounds then you should be ingesting about 200 grams of good protein per day . This is the main criteria , although some suggest it may be overdoing it .

Then again each person is different as well, so whatever works for your particular body is what you should stick to. Do not overlook the importance of a good source of carbohydrates , because they are the source of fuel for your muscles and give you energy for your workouts . The best sources of carbohydrates are complex types such as potatoes , rice , oatmeal , and pasta . If you eat bread always make sure the whole wheat or other whole grains , do not eat white bread as its very process and have little nutritional value.

Eating fruit is OK, but make sure its not overdone because of the high natural sugar content. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate source , which boosts the blood- sugar too quickly. Thats why complex carbs are always a better choice .

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